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Tata Engine Advantages
Compact size
Low noise level
Easy maintenance
Better Fuel Efficiency
Better power to weight ratio
Easy availability of spare parts
Longer interval between overhauls
Rugged design & constructed parts
Less wear and tear of parts gives longer life to parts
Alternator Specifications
Phase Three Phase (Brush Less)
Voltage 415V
Speed/Frequency 1500RPM/50Hz
Power Factor 0.8(Lag)
Enclosure IP23
Voltage Regulation (max) ±1%@ Static Conditions
Class of insulation Class H
Wiring 4 Wire confirming BS5000/S4722
Permissible Overload 10% in 1/12 hours
Advantage of Tata Design canopy
The design of gensets powered by Tata engine has got the following advantages:
Sturdy body
Low Maintenance cost
Flush styling-Non Projections
Silent, Compact and Light weight
Environment Friendly (CPCB compliance)
Acoustic enclosures with fire retardant foam
Designed for ease of maintenance & interchangeability
Various canopy version are available as per requirement
capable of achieving 75 DBA sound levels at a distance of 1M
Control Panel
Control Panel (14/16 gauge CRCA sheet, powder coated) should contain the following
Voltage, Current, Frequency, Lube oil press, Water temp., RPM, Frequency] Fuel level & HMR
MCB of suitable Rating for overload & short circuit protection.
Emergency stop: Annunciated whenever an emergency stop signal is received by the control
Safety trip/Alarm
Instrument fuses duly wired & Ferruled
Technical Data
Product innovation is continuous process,hence data givan is subject to change without any notice, approximate fuel consumption at 75% load, Stand by Rating at 80% load
Water cooled, Turbocharged, Mechanical Governor, Electric start DG Set.
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